The Passion of the Christ vs. The Last Temptation of Christ



on 10/2/2009

Gotta go with the Scorsese film on this one. Much better made and incredibly thought-provoking. The humanity of Christ had never really been potrayed in film iterations of the Bible before his film, and really haven't been since.

on 4/1/2011

The problem with Scorsese's film was the limited budget. It can be seen on every frame and that is a shame because the film is very thought provoking. Much has been said about the Passion of Christ not exploring the whole of the concept of Christ. The same can be said about Last Temptation in that it follows the humanity of Christ to the neglect of his divinity. I give the nod to Passion on two points, taken in small vignettes the movie can be overwhelmingly beautiful and secondly as a result of this movie I find that all movies that do not use the original language of the people being portrayed as a compromised product.

on 2/7/2012

I have to go more with The Last Temptation of Christ. Although I agree with the previous poster that using the native language of the time works great for Passion of the Christ, the problem was that the film was so graphic that it didn't move me quite the same way as The Last Tempation. The Last Temptation of Christ made me feel closer to Jesus and God in a way that no other film had done before. And its alternate reality is one of the main reasons why. Although we don't know if what he hallucinated was what we hallucinated, it shows another side of what he had to go through in order to get to heaven. Not to mention that every performance is extraordinary, the direction is steller, and the music by Peter Gabrial is mesmerizing. The Last Tempation of Christ is Scorsese's masterpiece!

on 7/1/2012

2 of the same movies that relate to the story of Jesus. One a Novel and the Other a Gospel. I'm going with Passion of the Christ because it's the real story. Last Temptation maybe the story but some of it's events are not true and I prefer the true story and Gibson really told it.

on 2/17/2013

The Last Temptation was good, but the ending was terrible and not fitting. To properly have a Jesus crucified and risen in the Passion was more along the lines of where it needed to be. Can't get over some of the actin in Last Temptation either, Harvey Keitel sounds too much like a New Yorker. The acting in Passion and the languages. Beautiful. Both good movies.

on 12/30/2013

Although it has its share of problems, I'd have to say The Passion of the Christ is the stronger, more fulfilling film. The Last Temptation of Christ certain gives the viewer a few things to think about, but I just found it all too bizarre and too "Hey, what if...?" to really connect with. Mel Gibson's film just works better.