A Nightmare on Elm Street vs. A Nightmare on Elm Street



on 11/14/2010

Wes Craven's version is far superior...2010 re-imagining is pretty mediocre,i'm a big fan of Jackie Earle Haley but no one can touch Robert Englund as Freddy.

on 4/18/2014

No contest at all Wes Craven's kills the remake

on 5/10/2015

Really ?

on 2/24/2016

Yeah this is not a contest. One of the worst, most unnecessary remakes ever.

on 1/25/2017

The Original by a landslide.

on 1/25/2017

This about as easy as matchups get...the original

on 9/21/2017

I mean...I can understand why they would remake "IT" or, perhaps, Friday the 13th. But there's NO reason for remaking movies such as Halloween, A Nightmare on Elm Street, The Thing...