The Usual Suspects vs. Se7en



on 7/23/2009

I think they are trying to kill me :(

on 11/16/2009

Kevin Spacey as the villain vs. Kevin Spacey as the villain

on 11/18/2009

Spacey does play a great bad guy. Both films have fantastic endings and are a great ride from start to end. hmmmmmmmmmmm.

on 2/25/2010

Mr. Soze does the seven sins

on 9/5/2010

I think this comes down to who acted better. I mean, almost everyone in Usual Suspects acted outside their norm. But, the chemistry between Morgan and Pitt is very solid. I think I am going with Suspects because its a better group movie. People who haven't seen it should see it and are drawn in. Seven is really a once you seen it your pretty much done with it.

on 9/30/2010


on 2/5/2012

The Usual suspects is better and well thought out movie

on 3/6/2012

There's nothing going for The Usual Suspects except Kevin Spacey's performance.Even when the twist came,I couldn't care less about it.Se7en is more engrossing and re-watchable.

on 6/29/2012

Usual Suspects is far superior to Seven in every way. I did not care about the characters in Seven at all.

on 10/4/2012

Both are excellent films, and certainly two of my favorites. Both had a profound and shocking impact on me the first time I viewed them, but despite how equal they might be, Se7en comes out on top. The screenplay for both movies are phenomenal, but when it comes down to it, these are movies that are made by their finales, and Se7en's dialog, acting, and pale grisly landscape haunt me to this day. Se7en it is, by just a smidge.

on 10/4/2012

Hard choice, both great, both neo-noir. I will go for The Usual Suspects. It has a better screenplay, characters, plot twist. The Usual Suspects is better than Se7en in my opinion.

on 10/4/2012

Yes, their finales are great...Usual Suspects's finale I thought, was so much better. Se7en was really good but The Usual Suspects impacted me more and is in my Top 20.

on 10/4/2012

The greatest trick the devil ever pulled...was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that....he's gone. One of the best quotes in movie history.

on 10/4/2012

Just in order to counter the double vote for Suspects, I shall put forth one of my all time favorite movie quotes. "WHAT'S IN THE BOX!"

on 11/20/2012

I'm changing my vote to Se7en. I think it has grown on me, and the twist at the end, is better than the Usual Suspect's.

on 4/2/2013

The Usual Suspects for my money. Se7en is a great thriller, but in all honesty, the movie slowed down mid-way in. The beginning was great and the ending was epic, but the middle could've been condensed or at least made more gripping. I'm not one that has to have fight scenes, explosions, or special effects to keep me interested, but with a thriller like Se7en, you have to consistently bring it throughout the movie's entirety. I think this is Se7en's imperfection. The Usual Suspects is about as perfect a thriller as there is. Thus, it wins out fairly easily for me.

on 4/2/2013

Both films were released in 1995 and both have a great performances by Kevin Spacey. Honestly, I think he should have got the Oscar for Se7en, as his performance was very disturbing. Se7en is also the superior film.

on 4/19/2013

Se7en. The Usual Suspect's twist was almost obvious to me from the start. And no I haven't read or heard a single spoiler about the movie before watching. I just watch a lot of thriller films. So, I wasn't surprised even at my first watch. Se7en on the other hand, kept me intrigued throughout.

on 5/15/2013

Seven was fantastic, never disappoints. But The Usual Suspects is one of the greatest films of all time, sitting at #6 on my flickchart. So its an obvious winner here in my opinion.

on 6/9/2013

Fincher's movie takes this one.

on 7/7/2013

Very tough match-up here. Two crime thrillers from 1995 with great Kevin Spacey performances and shocking endings. Going with Se7en.


on 9/9/2013

Se7en seems always found way to destroy TUS in every forum on net, but to me The Usual Suspects is better in every way.

on 9/9/2013

This could go back and forth...but I'll give the slight edge to Suspects.

on 12/29/2013

Kevin Spacey has a hand in both. I'll give this one to Se7en, but this is a complete toss up.

on 5/30/2014

Keyser Soze annihilates John Doe!!!

on 8/2/2015

The Usual Suspects by a hair.

on 8/12/2015

Love se7en but suspects gets the win here.Better kevin spacey performance and better finale

on 8/23/2015

Very Close but it's suspects.

on 8/26/2015

Suspects put up a fight but it's all Se7en here.

on 9/13/2015

Both top 20 for me. Se7en barely takes it.

on 3/10/2016


on 9/1/2016

a difficult choice. Seven is a very good mystery with nice action scenes and a shocking mystery. The usual suspects is an intense "heist" story until you reach the end, in which case there's also a shocking ending. And while TUS's ending is admittedly predictable compared to seven's, I still think it wins since it's kind of a like a double-twist.


on 12/11/2017

Greatest trick devil ever.. No contest. TUS wins.

on Apr 6

I'll have to go with The Usual Suspects by quite a large margin for me personally.


on Apr 6

Se7en is the better rewatch.