Beetlejuice vs. Ed Wood



on 11/21/2009

As visually amazing as Beetlejuice is, Ed Wood is simply the better film.

on 1/4/2011

Beetlejuice is the film EdWood wishes he were creative, funny, cool and talented enough to have made. Although a loving tribute, the biopic pales in comparison with the otherworldy genius of a filmmaker at his peak.

on 5/28/2013

I saw recently watched Beetlejuice for the first time in many years, and it's not quite as good as I remembered. It's just too...Tim Burton. Ed Wood is easily Burton's best film, partially because it doesn't have so many of his stylistic indulgences.

on 5/28/2013

The kid in me has to go Beetlejuice....but damn, I love Ed Wood...

on 9/8/2015

I found Ed Wood pretty boring actually, Beetlejuice all the way.