Sunset Blvd. vs. All About Eve



on 4/30/2010

Now this is a tough choice. Both are superb movies, but something about All About Eve strikes a chord that's just not there with Sunset Blvd (even though I love Billy Wilder).

on 4/30/2010

The dark side of Hollywood gets a grand double-feature! Both great films, but I honestly prefer SUNSET BOULEVARD by a large margin. One of the most brilliant original screenplays ever written, scarier today than ever before...

on 6/3/2010

Wow this is great,Right now I'm pretty I'll go with EVE temporarily.

on 8/21/2010

I love both films dearly. I think overall, 'All About Eve' had better performances, while 'Sunset Blvd.' had a more fascinating storyline and tighter narrative drive. I would probably go with Sunset Blvd. because it turned out to be so prescient and more influential than 'Eve'. As for who should have won the Best Actress Oscar during this year, it definitely goes to Bette Davis in 'Eve'.

on 4/21/2012

Kim Carnes was fucking right. I've always liked the song, but it makes that little bit more sense now. All About Eve has some excellent dialogue, wicked tongues, a wondrous sociopath, a lamentation on ageing and of course Bette Davis' peering at you with some sort of bright-eyed malice. Oh and Marilyn Monroe looked very boner-worthy in it. I just wish they would've cut the final scene; it's too on the nose. Sunset Blvd means nothing to me one way or the other.

on 4/21/2012

Both of these stand the test of time. But the Blvd wins for me...

on 4/22/2012

Two Hollywood classics released in the same year. All About Eve wins.

on 1/14/2013

I prefer all about eve, but it is so close

on 7/1/2013

Davis' crazy aging diva is better than Snowden's.

on 7/1/2013

Wow, read too much news much? *Swanson's.

on 6/28/2014

I think Sunset Blvd. is ready for it's closeup.

on 9/29/2014

Okay, I can finally vote on this since I just finished Sunset for the first time. Sunset was fantastic but not as good as Eve. And even though I just finished Sunset, I'm weighing my initial impression of it against my initial impression of Eve. As good as Swanson was as Norma Desmond, Bette Davis was simply better as Margo Channing. And then the rest of Eve's cast was better than the rest of Sunsets cast as well. Eve's dialogue may very well be the best I've ever heard. So, I did really like Sunset and I expect it to leave an even greater impression on me whenever I revisit it, I don't think it'll ever surpass my affinity for Eve. Perfect matchup though in terms of content.

on 11/6/2014

Two amazing movies with great acting the ensamble gives it to All About Eve

on 4/20/2015

If I were rating last scenes, it would be Sunset by far. If I were rating musical scores, it would be Sunset. But the writing and acting in Eve are on another level.

on 7/1/2016

It's not even close. All About Eve is very good but Sunset Boulevard is a masterpiece

on 7/4/2016

Sunset Blvd.

on 8/23/2016

Sunset Blvd for now,.

on 2/22/2017

Sunset Blvd by far.

on 3/3/2017

Eve has better performances, but sunset told a better story and had far more interesting subject matter.

on 8/13/2017

all about eve by leaps & bounds