Tetsuo, the Iron Man vs. Super Size Me



on 3/16/2012

Gotta be the weidest coupling since a trio of Mexican women decided to cover Cruel Agel's Thesis.

on 3/16/2012

True story: I watched the first 5-10 minutes of Tetsuo as a youngster, thinking it would have something to do with Tony Stark. I got to the part with the maggots and cut that shit off. To this day, I refuse to watch a second of it. I can't say I've been scarred by much, but Tetsuo did the trick.

on 3/17/2012

Hah! It's worth a watch just for Megatron by Chu Ishikawa.

on 11/7/2017

i love tetsuo, super size me isn't anything special