Stephen King's It vs. It



on 9/7/2017

This is a coin toss. But take the nostalgia factor off and 2017's was so much better. Tim Curry was the better Pennywise, but Skarsgard was fantastic as well. Gaah, we'll see.

on 9/11/2017

I love Tim Curry, but without a doubt the 2017 version.

on 9/11/2017

Who gives a crap about freaky clowns? Why this is a thing now is beyond me. I blame Stranger Things.

on 9/11/2017

Who gives a crap about superheroes? Why this is a thing now is beyond me. I blame Christopher Nolan (because everything about those super assholes sucked, except for his TDK trilogy).


on 9/11/2017

Stranger Things didn't have any clowns.

on 9/12/2017

I prefer the original. I don't see what all the fuss is about with the new one.

on 9/17/2017

Didn't like the original. Not even Tim Curry's Pennywise. It nails Pennywise, and the child actors, like those in Stand By Me, do a wonderful job, particularly when it comes to being believable as kids and friends. Easy decision.

on 1/10/2018

It has strong character development, which usually lacking in a horror film. This might be my new favorite Stephen King adaptation. I enjoyed the original as well, but the new It has it!

on 7/7/2018

Remake was better at least okay, and the original is just pure ill.