Star Trek vs. Star Wars



on 7/14/2009

Ooh, interesting combo! I have to go with Star Wars, as much as I think Trek is super fun.

on 7/15/2009

Out with the old and goofy, in with the new and awesome!

on 7/19/2009

Hmm...John Williams or Michael Giacchino? George Lucas or J.J. Abrams?

on 7/22/2009

The ultimate show-down... For all the nostalgia and agelessness of Star Wars, I think I have to give it to JJ Abrams' Star Trek.

on 8/22/2009

If this were Empire Strikes Back we were talking about, it would be a different story. But yes, I think J.J.'s Star Trek reboot is better than A New Hope.

on 8/24/2009

I've been very enthuastic about Abrams' work and hope he'll continue to do such a great job with the future of the Star Trek franchise but if you're going to compare it to Star Wars, the first one on top of that, I must say I think it's easier to work with something that has 40 years of background material than to create a whole universe from scratch like Lucas did in '77. Sorry but the first Star Wars is much more worthy of praise than any reboot.

on 8/28/2009

Although I have to agree that this matchup is quite unfair due to the 30 year age difference and the incredibly different abilities afforded through new technology, the new trek is so much better written that i would watch it if it were recorded on 8mm by a bunch of high school kids. At this point, Trek has pretty much blown all other space movies away for me...

on 11/19/2009

Star Trek falls short of being something special; Star Wars falls short of being even good.

on 12/26/2009

Star Wars totally win and I'am a huge Trekker.... I hate that Star Trek for Dummies 2009...


on 12/27/2009

I was never into Star Anything. However, I'm more new school and I found Star Trek to be easier to get into and a lot more rewarding. Yeah, Star Wars is a classic, I know, but I don't go by what other people think.

on 2/24/2010

@Flickbill: Film owes George Lucas a huge debt for the technical advancements that Star Wars made, and he's a tremendous idea man, creating that universe as you say, but tmama29five is correct: Star Wars is poorly written. I didn't know it when I was a kid; I know it now. I'm out of love with Star Wars, though it is still great. Star Trek is almost as successful as a franchise reboot as Batman Begins.

on 3/9/2010

As not a huge fan of either franchise, I thought Star Trek was the better than every Star Wars movie.

on 4/4/2010

OK, obviously the winner is original STAR WARS. In a lot of ways, these are both the best entries in their respective series, and both are a lot of fun. Gotta let nostalgia decide this one.

on 4/16/2010

Star Wars has Darth Vader; who exactly was the villain in Star Trek? Some face-tattooed whiny Khan poser? that's what I thought.

on 4/21/2010

Dart Vader. The discussion begins and ends there.

on 5/20/2010

When "Star Trek" was released last year, there was a great YouTube video that showed how its plot ripped off "Star Wars." Still, while I love Alec Guinness as Obi-Wan and "A New Hope" has its moments, "Star Trek" did something that hadn't been done in a while: made that franchise fun.


on 5/20/2010

Even the best Star Trek can't beat the ORIGINAL groundbreaking "STAR WARS".

on 5/23/2010

There isn't a single scene in Star Trek that converys any real sense of adventure or fun or drama, except for maybe the opening. Star Wars may have some bad dialogue or cheesy moments, but they make the movie more endearing. More importantly, the story is a lot more entertaining. The characters in Star Wars are more memorable as well. Even though I used to watch the original Star Trek series all the time, I didn't feel like any of the characters were brought to life in the movie. I never once cared about where the story was going in Star Trek because the whole movie lacked spirit or a feeling of urgency. The Death Star assault in Star Wars felt significant because the movie introduced interesting characters who actually mattered to me. By the end of Star Trek, I was so bored by the lame villain and crappy attempts at humor that I was barely paying attention. This isn't nostalgia talking, either. I wanted to have a good time at the movies and Star Trek failed to perform.

on 5/30/2010

I'll always be more of a trek fan.

on 6/9/2010

The eternal struggle.

on 8/17/2010

Star Wars will always be classic and Star Trek did nothing spectacular but for now I'm going with the more modern action flick.

on 8/6/2011

I never watched any of the older Star Trek films but I have seen the remake and I absolutely loved it. But I saw Star Wars before and have always been a greater fan of that.

on 8/12/2011

"Star Wars" has by far the better villains (Nero was weak) and Sir Alec Guinness. "Star Trek" has a much more tautly told story it's more fun for me to watch. And it may be blasphemy, but I think Giacchino's score is stronger than Williams's (I much prefer the subsequent "Star Wars" scores). Going with "Star Trek" this time.

on 10/25/2011

I'm more than happy with the "new" Star Trek,and despite the fact that i HATE the concept of reboots/remakes/re-everything that hollywood brings nowadays,J.J. Star Trek is one of the few good exceptions. But hey...can't bet Star wars. Can't even touch it.

on 11/15/2011

i have to say i'm kinda surprised how much people prefer Trek over Wars. Star Wars is so much better in my opinion. i've seen it a million times and it never gets old. Star Trek is good, but i've seen it once, and i don't think i'll see it again

on 1/5/2012

Really not sure why this has become such a big discussion. Star Wars all the way!

on 1/5/2012

I freakin' loved the Trek reboot. But just as several have said above...this is Star Wars we are talking about here!

on 1/22/2012

The Force was not with them this time

on 7/19/2012

Star Trek, easy for me. The first Star Wars was my least favorite of the 3 classic ones

on 12/7/2012

star trek is a good but it does not hold up to star wars.

on 12/7/2012

If it was Empire or Jedi, it would be a different story, but Star Trek wins this.

on 12/11/2012

Star Wars is the victor imo.

on 1/18/2013

Damn, this is like having to choose between Kate Upton's left breast and her right.

on 1/18/2013

There are Star Trek movies? When did they start making those?

on 1/18/2013

I lied Star Wars wins.

on 1/20/2013

I honestly do not get all the love for the Star Trek reboot. First off, you've got a mix of takes on the characters where some actors have zero similarity to the original performance (Chris Pine as Kirk) and others do such broadly slavish imitations they could be doing a Vegas lounge act (Karl Urban as Bones). As for all the praise I'm seeing for superior writing, I didn't see anything but pretty standard sci-fi plotting with a bunch of action setpieces shoehorned in that define obligatory. "Well, we need an action scene here, so let's have Kirk run away from a giant snow monster." Mixed in with that is a bunch of cheeseball inside jokes and an utterly boring villain. Star Wars has its flaws, but it beats the new Star Trek in every conceivable category.

on 1/20/2013

The Star Trek reboot was decent. It didn't have much of a lasting impact on me, but eh, it was good. I'm curious what they will do with the sequel, but I'm not super excited about it or anything. I digress. But seriously guys, we're talkin' Star Wars here. The movie that made me realise "holy shit...movies can be bloody awesome, creative and mindblowing!". Star Wars was my first step into a larger world...heh. And y'know, old movies aren't necessarily bad. Seriously, most of my friends still think the opposite. "When was Se7en made? 1995? Oh. That's ehm, ehm,...have you seen 21 Jump Street?"

on 1/27/2013

Remember star wars > star trek , always

on 6/2/2013

I second that.

on 7/5/2013

When i first saw JJ Abrams Star Trek, I loved it, but I knew nothing about ST in general. Now that I'm watching the show, I'm wondering if my opinion on the movie will change. I'm putting this one on hold.

on 8/30/2013

Star Wars. Both franchises are amazing though.

on 10/31/2013

Star wars obviousy question

on 3/31/2014

The new Star Trek film got me back into the Series and im a Fan now the film is awesome and the effects and acting is special and just amazing but Star Wars is epic its fantasy and action maybe the greatest film ever it wins hope the new one has the same kind of effects and Feel.

on 4/14/2014

Star Trek maybe the greatest remake ever! and one of the best sci-fi films of our era But Star Wars is a top ten greatest movie of all time!

on 2/13/2015

Today's Trek beats out yesterday's Wars, but only by a hair. Star Wars used to be in my top three, but time is being unkind to the franchise, and my childhood no longer holds as much sway to my opinions.

on 4/19/2015

Star Wars is the easy and obvious winner.

on 11/15/2015

The fact that anyone would pick Star Trek in this match up makes me fear for the future of humanity.

on 2/25/2016

Star Trek was better it had that Star Wars type of feeling. Micheal giacchino score was better than Williams for the prequels

on 2/26/2016

Not even a debate. Star Wars beats the rebooted Trek by lightyears. JJ did well breathing life in to Star Wars but his Trek is now a sputtering mess.

on 5/23/2016

I appreciate Star Wars and the massive impact it has had on film and society, but it's a bit too cheesy for my taste. Star Trek isn't as good but I find it more enjoyable :/

on 10/24/2017

Come on, one is just a fun, big-budget remake of an old TV show specifically tailor made for the popcorn shoving masses to enjoy. And this isn't a knock on the J.J. Abrams Star Trek by the way, I enjoyed it for what it was. But it really is just a fun little remake of an old show dumbed down to cater towards a larger demographic. Star Wars on the other hand, showed remarkable innovation in regards to story, special effects, and mythology building.

on 1/8/2018

If this was against any of the Star Wars movies except the original 3 and JJs A Force Awakens, Star Trek wins.