Star Trek vs. The Bourne Ultimatum



on 1/2/2010

Ouch! My favourite Bourne movie versus the perfect sci-fi. I'm stumped!

on 6/1/2010

giving the vote to Star Trek here... the shacky camera in Bourne Ultimatum annoyed me.

on 6/1/2010

By the time Ultimatum came around, Supremacy had gotten me over my seasickness induced by the shakycam. (And, actually, Supremacy is now my favorite of the trilogy.) Dang, I love J.J.'s Trek reboot, though. I'll have to say that I'll pick Star Trek over The Bourne Ultimatum, but possibly not over The Bourne Supremacy...


on 6/2/2010

I ultimately prefer the Bourne film in this match up.

on 10/18/2010

I thought Ultimatum was the best of all three Bourne movies. But the new Star Trek did a great job showing the story of James T Kirk. I would say Star Trek because I am a sucker for a good Sci-Fi Action movie.


on 2/4/2011

Fairly tough, but Ultimatum gets my vote. I don't think it's my favorite of the trilogy, but its a fantastic film.

on 2/4/2011

The Bourne Ultimatum proved that Americans just love spies. All three movies were outstanding. The Ultimatum even has a twist in the end that changes the viewer's perspective on the scene, which is very cool. But as any sci-fi fan knows, Star Trek needed this boost in the arm by a director such as J.J. Abrams which has his pulse on what americans want (see Lost). He made Star Trek cool again, even to general audiences, which is why this movie get my vote.

on 2/4/2011

Star Trek was incredible! I enjoyed the Bourne series, but I did not love any of the three. Clear choice for me.

on 9/7/2011

I love both of these! But at the moment Bourne gets the upper hand.

on 12/28/2011

I have to add that ear's comment was very witty.

on 2/5/2012

Being a Trekkie made this a pretty easy vote.

on 10/2/2013

Star Trek

on 10/3/2013

Star Trek beats my favorite Bourne.

on 10/14/2013

Yeah, pretty easy choice. Star Trek re-energized the franchise for today's audience.

on 3/9/2014

The Bourne Ultimatum definitely delivers, but it is (to me) slightly hurt by the fact that it is rather similar to the first two movies in the franchise. Star Trek just feels so much more fresh and unique. An easy choice here...

on 3/9/2014

Both of these are pretty average. Bourne was just too similar to the others so I give it to Star Trek.