Thor vs. Spider-Man



on 4/24/2011

I love both these origin films but Thor does it better. Spider-Man has tremendous heart but Thor is wildly fun yet smart, well written, well directed, and struck just the right tone for the material.

on 4/27/2011

Thor was rather underwhelming, by the numbers even.

on 4/29/2011

Thor is an amazing movie. You have the color & fun of Spider-Man, the darkness & mystery of Batman or X-Men and the grounded cool reality of Iron Man. Thor is massive but they played it just right. Loved it.

on 5/4/2011

Richard Roeper must be a flickchart member because his glowing review of Thor just compared it to Spider-Man calling it the best origin film since Spidey. Hard to argue. Like Spidey, Thor is made in the classic Marvel style with emotional twists, a hero with flaws and awesome spectacles everywhere you look.

on 5/7/2011

I found Thor to be much better than expected, but I can't quite put it ahead of gems like Spider-Man or Iron Man. It beats the crap out of Iron Man 2, though.

on 5/14/2011

Thor is every bit as good as any origin film that I've ever seen. It certainly is entertaining and far more epic than Spider-Man.

on 5/15/2011

It had really cool action scenes but Kenneth Branagh I think should stick with Shakesphere.

on 5/15/2011

I like both of these marvel films but believe Spiderman is the better one. Thor was entertaining and had great action, but Thor was such a jerk that he was unlikable throughout half of the film. It was fairly obvious that the second he put others before himself he would gain his power back, so I thought it was a little predictable. But Spiderman showed the story of how a nerdy kid like Peter Parker could become a great super hero. The Green Goblin villain was great and really made Spiderman a good super hero film.

on 5/15/2011

I dont know why but spider man feels more original than Thor.

on 5/20/2011

Ok, I seriously am getting Iron Man 2 flashbacks here. Just like last year, the same group of people are on here touting Thor as an 'instant classic' and 'the best Marvel movie', and they are mindless Marvel zombies. I'm sorry guys, but it's the truth. Not even I (whose name on this site has the word 'Marvel' in it), and can honestly say that Thor is among even the Top 10 comic book movies. Yeah, it was a fun and campy, but also had quite a few flaws. It has easily the least likeable central character (though Hemsworth tries his best), a really awkward central romance with no chemistry, and most cliched story so far from the House of Ideas. Yes, the action was fun, and seeing Hawkeye was really cool for us Marvel geeks, but I'm going to go ahead and call all of the praise above me biased and totally under Stan Lee mind control. Thor should NOT be #200 something on flickchart. It's fun, and average. That's it.

on 5/24/2011

I love how Thor played out. This was by far the best comic movie I’ve seen in years. Not too many movies continue to have character growth from start to finish but still pack in the action, heart and spectacle. The best since Iron Man. I also don't see how picking Thor over Spider-Man means someone is being a "Marvel Zombie" since they are both Marvel properties. In fact, Spider-Man is Marvel's biggest gun so that should tell anyone all they need to know.

on 10/19/2011

marvelboy888: Right on. Thor was not a bad movie, but Spidey is better. Iron Man is better. X-Men is better. Captain America is better. Thor is not in the top tier of Marvel's movies, let alone the top tier of their origin movies. Fun, but overhyped here.