Clash of the Titans vs. Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time



on 2/2/2011

Clash of the Titans? More like Clash of the Turds.

on 2/2/2011

The one I thought would be good, sucked. The one I thought would suck was actually decent.

on 2/26/2011

Yeah, Prince of Persia was no Jewel of Arabia, but at least it was a fun romp. Clash of Titans was so bad it was funny. But not that funny. Also, Gemma is way more beguiling in prince of persia.

on 2/26/2011

Both prove that all the CGI in the world can't save a bad script or a bad story. Two true disappointments.

on 4/4/2011

kraduate nailed it, assuming he meant Clash sucked and Prince was decent.

on 8/17/2011

i like clash of the titans

on 8/18/2011

Neither was great, but Prince of Persia is watchable.

on 8/18/2011

Neither were great, but I didn't lament seeing either. Both solid DVD or cable flicks. I'll go with the Titans by a small margin...

on 8/30/2011

Clash of the Titans was terrible in every way, and also a terrible waste of talented actors like Liam Neeson and Ralph Fiennes. What a migraine-inducing waste of an afternoon. Prince of Persia was actually a lot of fun, from beginning to end. It gets my vote without hesitation.

on 12/16/2011

Piecar and Kraduate speak the truth.