The Road Warrior vs. Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome



on 8/24/2009

my vote goes to the Road Warrior ...Beyond Thunderdome was more of a kid flick

on 10/21/2010

It's all about The Road Warrior.

on 11/4/2010

I think Thunderdome presented more of a realized world. Road Warrior could have happened a few miles out of Adelaide.

on 8/11/2012

I was let down by Thunderdome. Road Warrior, on the other hand, is a classic.

on 8/11/2012

Road Warrior was boring. Beyond Thunderdome, while not exactly great, wins this one.

on 2/26/2013


on 7/6/2013

Road Warrior had more style and grit.

on 5/17/2015

I just finished the trilogy and really didn't enjoy any of them. I think the trilogy gets worse with each movie.

on 6/5/2015

Road Warrior

on 6/6/2015

Road Warrior for sure. I didn't really like Beyond Thunderdome.


on 6/9/2015

Mad Max 2 for sure. Thunderdome falls flat after they leave Bartertown and the kids enter the picture.

on 7/31/2017

Mad Max 2 by far

on 7/31/2017

Easily The Road Warrior....