How to Train Your Dragon vs. How to Train Your Dragon 2



on 5/27/2014

wow HTTYD 2 might not be as great as the first but it is still one of dream works best films and damn close. 2 actually went some places I didn't expect and i felt most studios would be afraid to put in a kids movie. loved it and I think it will definitely end up in my top 10 by the end of the year

on 6/4/2014

HTTYD2 proudly joins Kung Fu Panda 2 and Shrek 2 as sequels better than the original. It continues the story (instead of rehashing the first movie like most sequels) with a larger scale and a darker more mature tone, but still includes the humor, suspense, action, and fun.


on 6/14/2014

It's hard to say if Dragon 2 was better than the first, but it's for sure up there in terms of quality. Lots of care went into that film and it really shows. If the third film holds up as well as these two, it'll be among the greatest movie franchises ever made.

on 7/16/2014

I love both to bits! Absolutely stunning movies. But the first gets a small edge. Still, two movies in and the HTTYD franchise is shaping up better than Pixar's big trilogy, Toy Story.

on 11/23/2014

I'm starting to like Dragon 2 the more I watch it, but it just cannot compete with the first one.

on 12/13/2014

Still gotta go with the original....

on 12/13/2014

Still gotta go with the original....

on 12/16/2014

I prefer the original, but HTTYD2 is a worthy sequel and opens up the mythology really nicely. I can't wait for the third. And no, I don't think the franchise is gonna be better than PIXAR's Toy Story, but it's Dreamworks' best answer to it.

on 10/10/2015

At this point, it remains the only cartoon series outside of Toy Story to have two good movies. I have to go with the original as it had less problems with characters... and was the original!

on 5/13/2016

I am proud to say that I found HTTYD 2 to be the better movie. HTTYD 1 is more or less overrated to me. In HTTYD 2 there are: Much more likable characters. A darker, deeper and ambitious plot. Higher stakes with more drastic consequences. Better music as well! HTTYD 2 soars ever higher than its predecessor, and is on par with some of Disney's best.