Death Wish vs. Death Wish



on 3/2/2018

Stuns me to say it because I usually hate remakes but the new 2018 version is actually BETTER! So much smarter and with actual character depth and emotion. Love Charles Bronson but Bruce's movie is just better.

on 3/5/2018

I agree. While the original is meant to be a more gritty drama, I love how the remake actually has him brutally deal with the ones who attacked his family.


on 12/14/2018

Bruce Willis film is less gratuitous and more heartfelt.

on May 6

The remake has much better production values and has some sly things to say about the pernicious influence of "social media", but lacks the grit and authenticity of the original. That's beside the fact that Charles Bronson is a much better Charles Bronson than Bruce Willis could be.