12 Angry Men vs. The Best Years of Our Lives



on 1/20/2013

The Best Years of Our Lives is good, but it is just a bit on the bloated side. 12 Angry Men wins for being more succinct.

on 12/8/2013

12 Angry Men

on 2/22/2014

Both movies in my top ten. Best Years of Our Lives is one of the greatest films of all-time. 12 Angry Men are one of only a few films I consider better.

on 9/19/2014

The Best Years if Our Lives beautifully captures the difficulties of the veterans returning from WW2 while at the same time being the most emotional film-watching experience I've ever had...but it still can't beat 12 Angry Men.Man,every time I turn that sucker on I'm glued to the screen from the very beginning to the very end.