Animal Kingdom vs. The Town



on 12/23/2010

Two excellent crime films, but the Australian one wins due to its more consistent themes.

on 12/23/2010

Gotta go with Animal Kingdom, has more heart and substance. The Town while good is mostly fantastic acting holding up a decent at best script.

on 1/27/2011

Just watched both of these recently, and I gotta say this is a pretty tough matchup. I think I actually found The Town more enjoyable while watching it, but the last 10 or so minutes of Animal Kingdom really stuck with me, moreso than anything The Town had to offer. So, Animal Kingdom it is.

on 1/28/2011

Neither really hit home like I had hoped. I felt both were pretty average, especially considering the people involved. But, as tylermager said, Animal Kingdom has more heart and substance, so the win goes to it.

on 2/6/2011

Animal Kingdom didn't have to resort to action like the Town did and while I have to respect Affleck for his promise as a director (even if he did not stylistically highlight the things in the Town that made me enjoy the film) it can't match the masterful Animal Kingdom.

on 2/17/2011

2 great films, gotta go with The Town.

on 1/9/2012

I love them both.

on 1/17/2013

Awesome movies, but it's The Animal Kingdom that's victorious. Especially for Ben Mendolsohn and Jacki Weaver who are getting a lot of big roles in America off this film. Weaver doesn't surprise me at all, she has been an amazing actor for a long time in Australia, on and off screen. I actually watched one of her plays with my cousin a few years back about gambling addiction, she absolutely killed it! Awesome actress. Still need to see he in Silver Linings Playbook.

on 1/17/2013

Animal Kingdom blows The Town away. It makes my top 5 of 2010, while Affleck's movie doesn't come close.

on 1/17/2013

Edit: I make it sound like my cousin was in the crowd with me, she was on the stage with Weaver.