Captain America: Civil War vs. Iron Man



on 5/1/2016

Despite Civil War not having the balls to commit to anything substantially consequential, and the villain being a superfluous catalyst, the highs are just too high for me not to chose it over the incredible Iron Man.

on 5/1/2016

Pretty sure Iron Man is unmatched in the realm of "superfluous villains". Love RDJ, but the first Tony Stark romp is easily Marvel's most overrated film.

on 5/2/2016

Iron Man is considered an all-time classic already for a reason.

on 6/2/2016

Iron Man

on 6/5/2016

The fact that Iron Man himself contributed to Captain America taking the title of "best comic book trilogy" is actually IRONic no? Civil War wins this but what if Cap had appeared in any of these Iron Man films?

on 3/15/2019

I'll swap to Civil War here.

on 3/15/2019

Civil War by far.

on 3/15/2019

Civil War crushes....