City of God vs. Slumdog Millionaire



on 6/6/2010

It's obvious Dan Boyle was inspired by City of God, Slumdog Millionaire didin't feel as real and especially the sections towards the end felt weaker than the rest. City of God all the way

on 8/4/2011

Very similar stories of ordinary boys growing up in a terrible place. City of God is more of a real, gritty crime tale while Slumdog leans toward fantasy. Going to have to go with Slumdog because it is more well-rounded in its emotional range.

on 8/19/2011

Two very complete and real films that focus on a certain character and what goes on around him and how much people really change over time. I was blown away by both but my vote goes to City of God. It was an awesome experience.

on 12/9/2012

City of God is more "real" and audacious, I suppose, but Slumdog Millionaire has the stronger characters (which is critical for movies like these) and its story is more resonant. Slumdog Millionaire dominates...

on 12/10/2012

City of God for sure. Slumdog is very overrated.

on 12/10/2012

City of God. What as ass damn good.....

on 6/15/2014

City of God

on 7/12/2014


on 5/7/2015

City of God is like Slumdog Millionaire on roids.

on 2/26/2016

Going with the majority on this one. I enjoyed Slumdog Millionaire but the characters and their stories in City of God are much stronger and more resonant. Lil Z has to be one of the most intense and unforgettable movie characters of the 21st Century. Excellent movie, dominates on every level.