Barton Fink vs. Fargo



on 11/25/2009

Nooooooo! Can't choose!

on 9/11/2011

Two Coen classics... ahhhh! It's gotta be Fargo by the thinnest of hairs!

on 9/11/2011

Barton Fink. By a thread.

on 4/22/2013

I'm sorry to say it, but the premise of Barton Fink is far better than the movie itself. I mean, an idealistic playwright goes to Hollywood and has to write a wrestling movie? How can guys as great as the Coen brothers make a boring film with a premise that promising? At any rate, even if Barton Fink were any good, it still would likely have to take a backseat to Fargo, one of the Coen brothers' very best movies.

on 5/13/2013

Ohohoho, Barton Fink is AMAZING. It's definitely one of the Coens' more slower moving films, so I can understand why Caesar and other people may find it boring. But I loved it. It's so insanely well directed. It's atmospheric, the acting is great, the movie throws surprises at you, it keeps you guessing, it's intense, it's funny, and again, the directing is so phenomenal that it keeps you invested and reminds me how much I appreciate the Coens. This is definitely one of the Coens' best in my opinion. A masterpiece.

on 5/26/2013

Fargo disappointed me but Barton Fink wholly met my expectations. Wonderful set design and Deakins' corridor shots were approaching Kubrickian levels of elegance. So, yep, thank goodness for Barton Fink. I was starting to suspect that No Country was brilliant only because of Bardem and Cormac.

on 10/7/2013

Barton Fink. Just like the people above me have said, it's directing was really superb and so was the atmosphere of the movie, which crafts such great suspense and unease. The characters and dialogue were also quite fantastic. I loved pretty much everything about Barton Fink, one of the Coen's best.

on 1/22/2015

The Coens watched The Shining before filming Barton Fink, so the Kubrick comparison isn't that surprising. The surprises in Fink didn't work for me, I felt like the Coens were just making stuff up as they went along. Fargo wins.

on 2/5/2015

Maybe the Coens just aren't for me because Barton Fink wins, but I think they are both pretty bad.

on 5/17/2015

barton fink, by far, is an incredible film like much others of the coens. I can't say that of fargo, who is boring and does not stand out in any aspect

on 5/17/2015

I love both, but Fargo takes it easily.