Friday the 13th Part II vs. Jason Lives: Friday the 13th Part VI



on 6/7/2015

The best Friday vs One that isn't very good. I wouldn't say Jason Lives is the worst of course but It's no where near as good as Jason's fist movie.

on 6/8/2015

Part II is crap. Jason Lives! any day over it.

on 6/8/2015

Jason Lives is the worst? Whoa, no way. It's by far best.

on 12/8/2015

I may need to watch Jason Lives again, I always think of the first 4 as the best.

on 4/4/2016

Jason Hockey Mask over Ferra without Torr.

on 5/13/2016

Jason Lives rocks. Part II was nice though.

on 7/22/2016

part 2 i liked more!


on 10/14/2016

Part II is a solid sequel, but Jason Lives tries something new, and crazy in franchise and succeeds.