Solo: A Star Wars Story vs. Rogue One




on 5/30/2018

Rogue One was much better than Solo. Solo's problem is just it's story isn't strong enough to better than a comfy little movie. Anyway, these two represent the best of nu-Wars done by Disney. Stick to standalone spinoffs and forget the fan fiction Episodes.

on 6/3/2018

I prefer Solo by a bit of a long shot. Rogue One is the emptiest Star Wars film, concerned only with looking like an OT film. Solo has some pep in its step, and Ehrenreich has more charisma in his performance than the entirety of the cast of RO.

on 6/14/2018

I recently watched Rogue One again for probably my fourth time, and I really didn't enjoy it nearly as much as I used to. It's still a decent movie, but some of the characters are pretty hollow, and it really wears the movie down with repeat viewings. It's a shame because I can tell the actors are really trying, but I still feel nothing for the majority of the characters. The action sequences are still amazing, and the third act is incredible. However, I enjoyed almost everything about Solo. Like Rogue One, the action sequences are breathless (the Kessel Run sequence being my personal favorite), but Solo has way better characters. Solo does have an advantage because we already knew many of the lead characters, but many of the new characters are great as well. In the end, I think Solo wins, but many will likely disagree.

on 6/14/2018

Solo beats Rogue One simply because it's old school Star Wars. Fun over morbid social justice bullshit.

on 6/24/2018

Solo has better acting. Close fight, though.

on 7/15/2018

Rogue One mostly for it's action as well as how it ties in.

on 7/15/2018

Solo is so much more enjoyable. At least Han is a REAL character with depth.

on 9/11/2018

Rogue One is extremely dull compared to Solo. Only the final scene involving Vader was truly great. Solo had fun characters, great action and fantastic cinematography.

on 9/11/2018

Neither one has much of a story, comparative to pretty much any other SW. Solo is a bit more fun with a bit more characterization but Rogue One is just visually striking in a big way. At least Vader was fun and snarky and big.

on 10/20/2018

Yeah, both are far too uninspired and bland to be Star Wars movies. Rogue One more so though.

on 12/28/2018

Rogue one was by far the better flick. Solo was fun but didn’t hit the same notes for me.