Groundhog Day vs. Memento



on 11/20/2009

Interesting match-up; one movie has its protagonist stuck in the same day, the other with its main character stuck in the same moment. Both are huge favorites of mine, however, I'm going to go with Memento, based on its ingenious way of presenting a storyline in a non-linear way that also adds to the movie as a whole.

on 2/10/2011

excellent remark. I loved groundhog day the first time I saw it. Memento was hard to digest so I stick with the first one.

on 8/15/2013

Very interesting and very tough. Both superb for different reasons and on this one, I'm leaning towards Memento for its originality and the rise of Nolan

on 2/8/2014

Memento wins though I love Groundhog day

on 9/14/2017

I am going with Groundhogs day. Memento is great, easily my favorite film of that year, but there are like 20+ dramas I enjoy more and Groundhogs day is in my top 5 comedies probably.

on 9/15/2017

Both are great but Memento gets the win.

on 1/15/2019

Both films have to do with someone who is unaware of what is going on around them. If you would've given me these two choices like 5 years ago i wouldn't even question my choice, but it is very difficult now. I think I'm going to side with the film that sticks with me a little bit more. Give me Nolan's Memento.