Scary Movie 2 vs. Scary Movie



on 5/10/2010


on 8/21/2010

Both made me laugh a lot, but Scary Movie 1 made me laugh more.

on 9/6/2010

Oh damn now this is a stuff one.

on 9/6/2010

SC2 is the worst edition of a mediocre series.

on 1/14/2011

The best part is that the poster I got for Scary Movie 1 includes the tagline "No mercy. No shame. No sequel."

on 3/21/2013

We lied.

on 4/16/2013

Ashamed as I am to say it, I found Scary Movie hysterical. Now I know the only people who should be ashamed are the ones who think Scary Movie 2 is the best in this series.

on 4/16/2013

Don't be ashamed....the first one had tons of laughs. Second one, I'm not sure it had any...

on 4/9/2014

2nd in my opinion

on 2/24/2017

The first one is the best, which is like saying a kick to the arm is better than a kick to the groin.