X-Men Origins: Wolverine vs. X2



on 8/16/2010

X2 is the X-Men captured perfectly on film. Wolverine is the X-Men captured almost as terribly as possible on film.

on 7/28/2011

-----> This guy knows what's up.

on 11/15/2011

What Lordofdreams said. X2 takes it easily.

on 2/17/2012

X2 all the way. It's my favorite X-Men film.

on 5/1/2012

X2 is the best Marvel film they've produced thus far, whereas Wolverine is easily as bad as Batman and Robin.

on 6/9/2012

it really, really isn't rocket science.

on 6/9/2012

I'll continue the clean sweep....no love for Wolverine here.

on 6/9/2012


on 10/3/2013


on 2/9/2015

I'll let you guess what I chose.

on Feb 28

X2 by far