Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem vs. Alien vs. Predator



on 5/26/2010

I don't like either film, but the first part at least isn't utter crap like the second one.


on 5/26/2010

We didn't need Predators to keep this franchise alive.


on 5/26/2010

Requiem was bad to the bone and not in a good way.

on 5/26/2010

I actually liked the first AvP enough to watch it a second time, and I probably would watch it again. There's something about seeing the Alien and the Predator on screen together that the fanboy in me finds incredibly cool. Still, AvP was not a great movie. The concept of Requiem, meanwhile, was not necessarily unsound, but it was completely--COMPLETELY--botched in the execution. (I should have known when I saw "MORE BLOOD! MORE GUTS! MORE GORE!" advertised on the DVD case.) I just frikkin' HATED how they turned the Alien and the Predator into nothing more than the monsters in a typical teen slasher flick. Disgusting. And don't even get me started on the creature design for that frikkin' "Predalien". AvP:R is utter shite. Jeez, I hope this summer's Predators doesn't suck; we haven't had a good Predator film in 23 years. And Ridley's forthcoming Alien prequel? Can I just say how nervous I am about an Alien movie without Ripley...?

on 10/29/2010

The Aliens and Predator movies were great and the thought of combining the two species into one movie is awesome. I watch both AvP's in one day so they are almost like one movie for me. But I liked the first one better because I thought it had more of a story line.

on 12/12/2010

It's amazing how this concept got screwed up twice on the big screen. But despite having had reasonable success with Alien vs. Predator comics and video/computer games that are set in the future, the producers for these films seemed to think would be better to make them modern day. Selecting a good film out of these two is going to be hard but I'm going to have to go with Requiem 'cause if you're going to screw things up by setting the film in a modern day setting it's best to do it in some form of small town than in a arctic temple that requires these same amount of set and special effects as a film set in a future sci-fi location.

on 3/7/2013

Interesting concepts ruined by poor execution. Alien vs. Predator is average at the very best, the tomb idea was okay but didn't capture the excitement of either franchise. Getting Bishop back at least added some continuity at least. Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem is even worse. I can't think of a redeeming feature, it's too dark to see anything, no solid plot, shoddy acting and the worst cliched American small town characters imaginable. Stock characters ready for execution include: troubled son, police officer, waitress, soldier, reformed criminal and of course the pretty high school girl/jock boyfriend combo. I found it watchable because I like science fiction and action films, casual viewers would beg for mercy.

on 9/5/2013

These might have been an intriguing premise 10-20 years ago when both franchises were going rapidly downhill; Predator 2 being stupid beyond comprehension and Alien: Resurrection trying to reignite a franchise which would have been perfect (IMO) with the three films as they were (though I know plenty of people who would limit that to two). Incredibly, both managed to completely destroy their respective franchises almost beyond repair, and retrospectively, should have never combined (fuck you very much Predator 2). Anyway, the first one wins for at least indicating that it was made by a team of people who had a vague idea of how to put a remotely competent film together, whereas Requiem was put together by a pair of clueless SFX brothers who had absolutely no idea.

on 9/5/2013

Two massive disappointments, but I'll go Requiem.

on 4/12/2014

I really enjoyed the first I thought it was really fun Requiem was not very good so I take the first

on 2/15/2015

Aliens (1986) vs Predator : Requiem (?) vs Alien (1979) vs Predator (1987). What the fuck ?

on 3/13/2015

AVP is the winner. Everyone was spot on about the downside of Requiem. No need to go into more detail. The first one was not TOO bad.

on 5/23/2015

Man, Requiem have a PredAlien! A PredAlien! Even, first was better in the best The Evil Dead style...

on 6/15/2015

They both suck, obviously, but I'll actually make a case for picking Requiem. One: it's not nearly as boring as the first film. That's a huge plus right out of the gate, because AVP managed to be even more boring than Alien3, which is quite incredible. Two: more blood, more gore, more cheese, more action. More incompetently filmed action, but more action nonetheless. Three: a better score. I can't remember anything about the first film's score, but AVPR's score actually was a pretty nice blend of James Horner's Aliens score and Alan Silvestri's scores for both Predator films. Four: NO RIDICULOUS TEAM-UPS BETWEEN THE PREDATOR AND THE HUMANS. STOP WITH THAT NONSENSE. Five: less use of CGI Aliens. That's a plus, right? And lastly, six: the Predator's design - most specifically its face - looked better. It somehow looked cute in the first film. With that said, both have poorly shot and edited fight scenes (the action in the sequel looked better, though), both have equally flat and uninteresting characterizations and both are embarrasing entries in mostly respected franchises. But, at the end of the day, I'd rather watch the sequel again. It looks like absolutely shit - literally, you can't see a thing - but it's more watchable once you've increased the clarity and the contrast.

on 7/17/2016

Both Suck,But The first one not bad like Requiem