The Matrix vs. The Matrix Revolutions



on 7/4/2009

Duh, big red truck.

on 11/2/2009

Original. Definitely. The sequels ruined the series really.

on 12/3/2009

I think anybody who picks the 3rd should be dragged out in the street and shot. I mean, fine you liked it, that's your opinion. But more than the first? Murder is the only logical recourse!

on 1/20/2010

Not even CLOSE.

on 3/20/2010

Its like choosing a ice cream flavor... one the one side we got a delicious chocolate ice cream, and on the other a cup of diarhia...

on 5/29/2010

Yuk to both, but less so the original.


on 5/29/2010

The original RULES.

on 2/13/2011

The first one is ALWAYS better!

on 8/30/2012

At least I finally got an easy decision

on 8/30/2012

Just comparing the climatic fights between Neo and Agent Smith shows which one is superior. There's actually a possibility in the subway scene that Neo could die--no one has ever beaten an agent before, and Neo's still beginning to understand his powers. Then, bam, Neo actually wins. In Revolutions, Neo and Smith have an endless fight in the rain--it may look "cool", but doesn't advance any ideas, except for the two being unbeatable equals. It's really unfortunate, because the Matrix proves that the Wachowskis are capable of writing a really good story (even though it borrows/steals from plenty of other stories), but that they were mostly phoning it in for the sequels. Anyway, I hope they come up with something good again (haven't seen Speed Racer yet).

on 8/30/2012

The original Matrix will be one of the great movie theater experiences of my life.....Revolutions? Eh....not so much...

on 8/16/2013

I don't hate The Matrix Revolutions. In fact, I thought it had some fun action scenes and great effects. However, not-bad as it may be, it is nothing compared to the first Matrix.

on 1/4/2014

The Matrix has the good everything of population what is that for Revolutions isn't that nothing for all matters got to that series

on 1/24/2015

The First film was way more mind blowing and way smarter less tedious!

on 3/3/2015

You need help if you choose otherwise.

on 4/6/2015

Orignal matrix wins easily

on 9/5/2016

whats even the point,the matrix.