Iron Man 2 vs. Kick-Ass



on 5/13/2010

Best comic adaptation of 2010? Not even close, Iron Man 2 wins hands down. Iron Man 2 is indeed the absolute perfect mix of high-tech razzle dazzle mixed with a complex soulfulness and good old-fashioned charisma.

on 7/7/2010

My two favorite action movies from 2010. I think Iron Man 2 barely edges out Kick-Ass.

on 7/7/2010

Tough because I liked both but Iron Man 2 wins this one

on 7/7/2010

Kick-Ass is so much better I can taste it (I'm not sure what that means). Just going by badass chicks, Hit Girl annihilates Scarlett Johansson's utterly boring character. While Johansson was just going through the motions, Hit Girl was F**KING SHIT UP with style and grace. The only thing Johansson had going for her was being hot, but she pretty much always has that. Nothing new in that regard. Even the ending of Iron Man 2 was dull and unsatisfying. When they finally took on Rourke's armor of doom, they beat him with barely any effort. And before that was just a bunch of video game crap. Kick-Ass delivers the drama and the ass-kicking with far more pizzazz. Iron Man 2 had potential during the racetrack scene, but it didn't follow through afterward.

on 7/7/2010

While I strenuously object to the phrase "video-game crap", I object ever more vigorously to the idea that Iron-Man 2 was either "soulful" or "complex". Kick-Ass pips it with more yuks and a better soundtrack... "I don't give a damn 'bout my bad reputation!!!!"


on 7/7/2010

Kick- Ass was a breath of fresh air and Iron Man 2 was just another sequel trying to up the ante and failing to deliver.

on 7/14/2010

Not even a debate and I can't believe anyone even wants to compare the two. Iron Man 2 is quality as well as fun. Oscar level performances, thrills and fantastic FX. Kick Ass is a minor blip that was amusing at times but ultimately silly and strictly minor league fun.

on 7/24/2010

While Iron Man 2 was a lot of fun, it failed at a lot of what it tried to accomplish. Kick-Ass, on the other hand, was just a little wacked-out thrill ride, and I had a blast with it. Kick-Ass wins.

on 8/15/2010

Iron Man 2 is simply on another level. Kick Ass was fun but almost indy type fun. Iron Man 2 was everything that's good about a blockbuster. Plus, Oscar level performances and a great story.

on 8/26/2010

What were the Oscar level performances in Iron Man 2? I love Robert Downey Jr. but come on. Kick Ass was more original, had more character and even had better action sequences. Hit Girl >>>>>> anything or anyone in IM2.

on 8/28/2010

Not even something to debate anywhere at any time. Iron Man 2 is everything a film should be and certainly everything a comix adaptation should be. Kick Ass is small, often overrated film that really is too silly to be taken seriously.

on 9/6/2010

Iron Man 2 had an amazing script and an amazing cast while Kick-Ass had an amazing director and an amazing soundtrack. Iron Man 2 felt more original and accomplished than Kick-Ass though.

on 9/29/2010

Kick Ass, Jonah Hex and Scott Pilgram put together isn't as good or as much fun as Iron Man 2. Best comic film in the last two years is IM2 easy.

on 11/19/2010

It's close, but Kick-Ass was more refreshing. Kind of like what the first Iron Man was two years ago.

on 11/21/2010

Kick Ass was so much better then Iron Man 2. While I was suprised with how much I enjoyed Iron Man 2, you are an insane person if you actually think it is better then Kick Ass


on 1/4/2011


on 2/19/2011

Not a fan of either, but Kick-Ass is better.

on 2/19/2011

Kick Ass all the way. Iron Man 2 just tried to do too much...

on 3/8/2011

Kick-Ass for having some direction and drive. Iron Man 2 was the sort of film that gets up in the morning, slumps of the sofa, flicks on the TV and spends the day scratching its balls through its y-fronts, yawning. Definitely Kick-Ass.

on 3/21/2011

Iron Man 2. It was better than the first one and Kick Ass was just another movie that will be forgotten. I find Kick Ass overrated. It had some great action, but seen the storyline before.

on 9/7/2013

Hit-Girl was better written and more memorable than the entire ensemble cast on IM2.

on 7/25/2015

Both are fun but nothing special. I'll take iron man I guess

on 10/9/2015

Does SquareMaster know Kick-Ass was a Marvel movie? Whatever. Iron Man 2 improved on the original, and it was indeed better than Kick-Ass. Kick-Ass can beat the godawful Iron Man 3 actually, I guess...