Apollo 13 vs. The 'Burbs



on 6/21/2010

Wow, this is a tough one. My first thought was The Burbs, but I had to take a double take. I think I will wind up going with the Burbs, but who knows what tomorrow may bring

on 6/21/2010

Its easier this time

on 6/21/2010

It still makes me pause a little. I need to re-watch both of these and figure it out once and for all

on 8/3/2011

I gotta go with the 'Burbs, its one of my favs, even if it may not be a "Better movie" than Apollo 13.

on 8/24/2011

Agreed, Apollo 13 may be more inspirational than the burbs, but ultimately burbs is a more fun movie for me with better nostalgia.