The Shining vs. Scream



on 5/9/2014

I'm surprised that this hasn't been talked about yet i guess I will be the first Shining is my choice

on 8/10/2014

The Shining is an AWESOME movie, it really is. Yet, I feel much more attached to the characters in Scream. My favorite character in the Shining is the house.

on 8/10/2014

The Shining...but this is a farely close call.

on 8/10/2014

The Shining, without a doubt Scream doesn't come close

on 8/11/2014

Both films are their own beasts, so this is not a really fair match-up. "The Shining" is a psychological horror film while "Scream" is a meta-humored slasher flick. Both are outstanding in their own strengths. It's gonna come down to the person's subjective preferences. In my case, I pick "Scream." "The Shining" feels a little outdated when I rewatched it a few weeks ago.

on 9/7/2014

The Shining by far.

on 1/12/2016

Finally I've watched the Shining theatrical cut. Much better than European cut, even though it's longer. Anyways, it always beats Scream, no matter what.

on 1/13/2016

Lol, easy.

on 2/15/2017

Yeah, gotta go The Shining

on 9/8/2017

Scream the best Horror film of the 90s vs the Shining top 5 greatest Horror film period.

on 9/8/2017

I love Scream but at times it goes a bit overboard with its meta-references. If you're going to break the fourth wall so often and so blatantly, might as well show the film-crew surrounding the actors. Strangely I also find The Shining's moments of over-the-top humor funnier than Scream's, though only one of these purports to be a horror-comedy. And in contrast to Craven's playful approach, Kubrick subverts horror tropes more subtly, more sincerely, sans winks, which in my opinion makes The Shining eerier and more haunting than Scream.