Titanic vs. The Aviator



on 6/22/2010

I love DiCaprio in Titanic but I think he gives his best performance in The Aviator.

on 7/19/2012

The Aviator is DiCaprio's best performance in my eyes. And it's much better than boring Titanic.

on 11/16/2013

DiCaprio is undoubtedly better in The Aviator, but I slightly prefer Titanic. Both are very underrated films in my opinion.

on 5/28/2014

Leo was epic in Aviator its so good one of the best Biopics Titanic was extremely epic Kate Winslet is amazing and the almost true story is hair raising-Titanic for me.

on 7/12/2014

How is Titanic "very underrated"? It's the 2nd highest grossing movie ever and won 11 Oscars. It was back in theaters two years ago, and made even more money. Pretty sure pop culture and the average Joe remember it well. Yeah, there was a backlash, but that was mostly in 1998 when Celine Dion was on every radio.