Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising vs. Neighbors



on 6/19/2016

I do think I still like the original better than the sequel, but the arcs for all of the characters over the course of the two movies are really, really good. And how many R-rated comedies handle queer themes and sexism so well? I went into each with low expectations and came out really loving them.


on 3/27/2017

I saw the sequel first and liked it so much I went back to watch the first. I prefer the sequel by a slight margin, but I do agree that they both work together very nicely to complete character arcs. I would like to see another film to see where Teddy ends up, but I can see why that would be hard to do.

on 3/28/2017

Ugh, the sequel was a chore to get through. Was anybody even asking for a sequel?