Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 vs. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2



on 7/15/2011

I actually think Part 1 was stronger overall. Part 2 had some surprisingly cheesy moments and the epilogue was pretty lame. Still, great end to the series.

on 7/15/2011

Part 2 is the best film of the series IMO. It wrapped everything up nicely, and managed the action-to-emotion ratio extremely well. Part 1 was good, but it was severely unbalanced on the whole, lacking a pace that flowed naturally.

on 7/16/2011

Part 2 is the better film. It brought all the characters back together for one last epic movie. It was emotional, funny, and very intense. The thing that I loved about the movie was the music. Towards the end, it played the music that was only in the first and second movie, so that made me really happy because that music was great. I loved seeing the good side of Snape and I think David Yates did a great job showing that. Part 1 was good, but it was rather slow in the middle, but still a good build up to the epic conclusion to the Harry Potter series.

on 7/16/2011

Part 2 is better, without questioning. It was made to be better than part 1!

on 7/16/2011

I watched them both recently, and believe that Part 1 is a little better. Loved them both tremendously, but I just feel that Part 1 had better lines, more authentic camera movement and the music was better placed. Maybe I'm just being picky, but that's how I feel. I also enjoyed the great range of locations in Part 1.


on 7/17/2011

They're both one film and so I'm keeping them together for the sake of my sanity. That said, I'm putting Part 2 over part 1.

on 7/27/2011

Honestly, I'm slightly disappointed by Part 2 (watched it for the first time today). It certainly is better than most of the other movies in this series, but compared to Part 1, it lacks a lot of atmosphere, depth and dialogue. Part 2 is really just one enormous battle to finish the series, and to finish it in an unconvincing way. Too much (epic) dialogue was left out; instead, they unnecessarily expandeded the final showdown, thus making it anticlimactic. Overall, it's still a good film, but not as good as Part 1 and not even close to the greatness of Prisoner of Azkaban.

on 8/3/2011

Part 1 was for me the worst of the series as of Part 2 the best. Can't wait to watch them back-to back.

on 11/30/2011

They are both one movie, so I can't decide. It's impossible for me to make a decision between a Harry Potter movie and another Harry Potter movie. They are not the books, but I believe the movies are all near perfect. They were all pretty much done the best possible way. I have had a few minor nit picks of each movie, but overall the Harry Potter movies are all fantastic. It is really amazing that through eight movies, none of them were bad.

on 3/21/2012

I'm different than most people in that I prefer part 1 to part 2. I just felt like part 1 had better pacing and was more loyal to what I loved about the book.

on 4/16/2012

Gotta go with Part 1, by the thinnest of margins. I adore them both and it feels great to have my very own Return of the Jedi. I love the spectacle of the second half but it's the character of the first half that takes the cake. The series spent 10 years building to scenes like the "O'Children" dance and pulls them off perfectly. And that's exactly what I want from an endgame as huge as Deathly Hallows.

on 4/16/2012

Part 2 without a doubt. The dancing scene with Harry and Hermione in Part 1 felt very forced. The animated segment about The Tale of the Three Brothers was too cartoony for the movie and just felt out of place. A 3d cartoon in a HP movie? Maybe it's just me. It was also one of the more boring HP movies, but this is more the fault of the book than the movie Part 2 is much better. A huge Return of the King-like battle, great drama and a very fitting end to the series. Although I don't think it's perfect, it certainly has its flaws, it is nevertheless the best HP movie along with Half-Blood Prince.

on 4/17/2012

Part 2 wins. In my opinion, the best of the series. I'll always prefer the books...but the movie series ended with some solid entries.

on 6/25/2012

Part 2. It's the main entree while Part 1 is just the appetizer.

on 9/9/2012

I think that Deathly Hallows: Part 2 is the best Potter film, but, I do like Deathly Hallows: Part 1.

on 11/12/2012

I like them both, but I was a little disappointed with some of the choices the filmmakers made in Part 2. I was more satisfied with Part 1.

on 12/19/2013

These, to me, were the most disappointing of the Potter films, and my least favorite. Deathly Hallows: Part 2 felt remarkably slight and weightless for a finale to one of the most influential film series of all time. Granted, it had its moments, and it wasn't a bad film, just a disappointing one. Part 1, on the other hand, was the only Potter film I couldn't like. It takes all the best things about the previous Potter films, and throws it all out the window, leaving us with the very worst of what's left. There are one or two scenes that I liked, but for the most part, Deathly Hallows: Part 1 is a chore. Not a big fan of either, but I'll give this victory to Deathly Hallows: Part 2.

on 1/1/2014

For someone who was never as emotionally attached to this series as my peers, I really like both of these films. I think part 1 gets a lot of undeserved flak and part 2 is usually overlooked in favour of Azkaban for the popular favourite in the series. While I also enjoy Azkaban, I genuinely have a hard time deciding whether I prefer 3 or 8. As for these two, I think they are both good examples of films which are better than their source material as they both had a very long, difficult, meandering, contrived (even by Potter standards) book to work with. They are both shot very well, with a stark, bleak, washed-out colour palette and some wonderful locations around Britain (particularly in the first film). They have some very strong character moments across the board, and particularly demonstrate how well the younger cast members have matured as actors throughout the series, no matter how great or small their characters may be. Part 1 was, in some ways, a nice change from the traditionally episodic and sometimes jerky narrative of the six previous Hogwarts-bound films, and managed to set up the second film nicely despite the controversial decision to split the two. Part 2 could easily have been accused of trying too hard to be "epic" and/or trying to emulate the "horrors of conflict" in a fantasy setting, in the way that many fantasy films did in the wake of Lord of the Rings while the series was still maturing. But in my eyes at least, it managed to remain true to the spirit of the series whilst still being a spectacular, action-packed, emotional finale. Even the epilogue, rightly maligned in the book by the majority of fans, is well-worn by the film (even if the digital ageing make-up on the characters is not) and manages to be a fittingly sentimental and nostalgic climax to one of the most prominent and popular film franchises of the 21st Century. In the end, while I like both, I think the first film does have a few moments which feel a little be out of place (the dance scene in particular does feel like a bit of a Nostalgia Critic "Big Lipped Alligator Moment"), and has the more difficult section of the book to deal with, so I'm going to give this one to Part 2.

on 1/2/2014

Part 1 for me

on 1/18/2014

Part 2 it has more profitable when there is to stop Deathly Hallows when is going have more to arrive over of the true end

on 1/18/2014

Pacoblanco, you do know we have no frickin' idea idea what you're saying, right? Comprendes?

on 1/18/2014

Hahaha. Part 2 is way more enjoyable.

on 4/13/2014

Part 1 was slower because of most of it being about destroying Hulcruxs

on 8/25/2014

Part 1 wins hands down. The darkness of its atmosphere and Harry's draining but emotional journey with his two other friends didn't feel like an HP film at all (was never a huge fan of the series), and I think the director should be commended for that remarkable feat. Part 2 is the worst of the series along with Chamber of Secrets.

on 8/25/2014

Really tough since I see it as one big movie. I enjoy both installments but maybe I like Part One just a little more. I like how it has a really different feel from the rest of the series.

on 11/8/2014

2 > 1

on 11/8/2014

Part 2

on 5/29/2015

Part 2. Best Potter (one might argue for Azkaban, and I buy that too).

on 12/12/2015

part 2's definitely better.

on 6/9/2017

Part 2 by a wide margin.

on 5/14/2018

A terrible finale all round. But Part 2 is better.