Green Book vs. BlacKkKlansman



on 2/10/2019

Green vs. Black! Racism in the 60s vs. Racism in the 70s. Adam Driver vs. Mahershala Ali. I like how the racists are fooled in BlacKkKlansman and it's certainly a funny movie. But it's also quite inconsistent in its tone. Can't wait to it go against Vice! That being said, both Washington and Driver were pretty great, and Spike Lee got it right in the direction. I won't complain if it's his statue the 24th. I love the Mortensen-Ali chemistry. Viggo delivered in every way possible, and I think he deserved that nomination and maybe should even take the win! Ali is certainly going to win in my book. He's a monster! I really liked Driver, but he's a far second in that category. As for the movies overall, BlacKkKlansman had my curiosity, while Green Book had my attention. I cared for the characters. I laughed out loud. At the end of the day, it put a smile in my face. I don't know if Green Book is going to win, but I'm certainly rooting for it!