Gravity vs. All Is Lost



on 5/3/2014

All Is Lost was tough to get through, since I felt little more than disinterest the entire time. All it offered was Redford getting tossed around in the ocean. That's it. If someone told me about going through such an ordeal it might be interesting. But watching it for almost two hours was dull. Gravity at least has a more novel environment and visual diversions. The only thing about All Is Lost that is better than Gravity is that Redford's character doesn't have any tear-jerker backstory to clutter the action.

on 12/19/2014

Gravity is a lot more developed and visually engaging. The backstory of Bullock's character provides us with emotion going forward in the film. All Is Lost is a good little survivalist film, but it suffers from tedium through some portions of the film. However, I will commend Redford in his star performance, despite saying few words throughout the whole duration of the movie.