Evil Dead vs. The Evil Dead



on 3/29/2013

I'd honestly say that the remake amped things up on this end.

on 4/5/2013

Amped up the gore and sadism, while failing to create much suspense or distinguish itself from the original, or a lot of other horror flicks cranked out these days. The remake was surprisingly flat. There were a couple of decent touches and that's it. The original had more memorable scenes and created a stronger sense of dread.

on 4/6/2013

I liked the original better but I enjoyed the remake quite immensely. It had some pretty damn good special effects. The character development wasn't as strong but I did like how each and every character was strung through the wringer again and again and again. Pretty cool stuff.

on 4/7/2013

The remake was great! I loved it and that's why it wins. The 1981 film was good but didn't amaze me.

on 4/15/2013

How did this come up naturally?? I like both, but watching the remake just reminded me how much more I liked the sheer insanity of the original.

on 4/22/2013

The Evil Dead was defined by its camp. Remove that and you have just another run-of-the-mill horror movie (i.e., the remake).

on 5/27/2013

The original, easily. It actually cultivates a pervasive sense of dread, and doesn't populate half its cast with people you can't wait to see die (a wait that starts to feel interminable, by the way, as you're inured with endless gore).

on 7/22/2013

The original honestly bored me, especially the first 30 minutes, while the remake had very forgettable characters and it was more unintentionally comical than scary. "The most terrifying film you will ever experience" my ass. I liked the gore effects and how the film looked, but that's it. Going with the original, even though I didn't care much for that one either.

on 2/18/2014

The remake lacked the humor.

on 4/3/2014

It seems the more I watch the remake the less I like I saw it in theaters and thought it was pretty good now I just don't care to watch it anymore but the original is a top notch classic really scary and fun never gets old the original all the way :)

on 10/18/2014

The OG easily.

on 10/18/2014

Rearly does the remake beat the original. And it doesn't here.

on 10/18/2014

I prefer my Evil Dead with a 'The'. The remake's characters aren't half as memorable as the original's and it relies way too much on shock value and gore. Despite this fact, the original is still much more unsettling.

on 5/3/2015

I need to re watch the original so for now it's the Remake which was pretty good.

on 6/22/2015

Pretty obviously the original, but the remake is okay.

on 10/31/2015

Talk about an unnecessary remake. It did nothing for me.

on 5/31/2016

Evil Dead was absolute crap. The Evil Dead takes it, not even a contest.

on Sep 18

i'm not sure the original holds up as well after viewing it recently :/