Dumb and Dumber vs. There's Something About Mary



on 12/27/2009

Of my two favorite Farrelly Brothers movies, Dumb and Dumber is my favorite.

on 4/8/2010



on 6/18/2010

"Mary: Is that... is that hair gel?"........wins here.

on 6/28/2010

I grew out of this type of comedy, now I can't tolerate it. But if I had to choose, I guess I'd go with Mary...

on 1/10/2011

Do I have to choose? Blech!

on 6/27/2012

Oh man this is a tough one, I love both of these movies but I'm going to give it to There's Something About Mary.

on 6/27/2012

Dumb and Dumber taught me that you can't triple stamp a double stamp, so it wins.

on 3/16/2013

"Tic-tac, Sir?" Harry and Lloyd win this one.

on 3/16/2013

Numbers 16 & 17 on my chart....it's Harry and Lloyd by a hair...

on 3/17/2013

I can quote all of Dumb and Dumber, it's obvious to me who wins. Growing up, I had a VHS tape that had been edited by the tv channel. I never even knew you could see him spitting in the burger for about 15 years! They also cut a big chunk out of the spa scene also. Ridiculous.

on 5/14/2014

Two of the greatest Farrelly brothers film I've ever seen so far but got to go with the one that never gets old Dumb and Dumber

on 8/22/2017

Dumb and Dumber made me laugh. There's Something About Mary is cute, but it doesn't strike comedy gold like Dumb and Dumber does.

on 5/2/2018

The hair gel scene is the only moment in Something About Mary that resembles comedy. Dumb And Dumber easily!