Dumb and Dumber vs. The Bourne Ultimatum



on 1/23/2013

Again, another unfair match up. Flickchart has a pattern developing here. Dumb and dumber should be in the annals of amazing comedy movies, and at the top too. According to the DVD behind the scenes, there were less than 17 pages of script. THe rest, improved by carrey and daniels. A lot of the extra adlib (like "we landed on the moon?") were caught on tape as well and made it in. While on teh surface, the comedy seems dumb and childish (bathroom humor), most of it is quite genius ("so she sent me a john deere letter"). With Ultimatum, the pace and tension, action, adventure, editing, makes it one of the best action movies in the last decade, if not longer. THe classic vs the modern day surprise. However, to me, the supporting cast of ultimatum doesnt compare to the supporting cast of dumb and dumber, esp with such a lame concept that was pulled off sooooo good, like they were meant to take it seriously. THe character acting is so good. Dumb and dumber gets it.

on 6/27/2014

I actually think the supporting cast did a great job. David Straitharin and Albert Finney are great in the roles of these CIA figures that in a way almost come off as super villains sending out their henchmen to protect themselves. Don't get me wrong I like Dumb and Dumber but I side with the modern day action film that will be remembered as a classic.

on 6/28/2014

I used to like Dumb and Dumber more when I was younger but I feel like I like it less and less as time goes on. The Bourne Ultimatum is fantastic and definitely wins.

on 6/14/2016

Both are Classic's. I'll take Jason Bourne.