Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade vs. Ratatouille



on 4/28/2010

Have to go with Indy here.

on 3/16/2011

The best PIxar film vs. Indiana Jones? Pixar wins. But if I get this choice again, that may change.

on 9/2/2011

The worst Indiana Jones (not including the horrible fourth) vs. the worst Pixar (aside from Cars)... hmmmm. Indiana I guess..

on 9/2/2011

Last Crusade crushes here...and I really liked Ratatouille.

on 4/5/2012

Ratatouille is great, but I probably wouldn't even put it in my top 5 Pixar movies, let alone higher than Last Crusade.

on 4/5/2012

I choose Ratatouille. It is one of my favorite Pixar movies. I like Last Crusade, but I tend to revisit Raiders of the Lost Arc and Temple of Doom more often.

on 7/8/2013

hmmm Sean Connery was in that one right. Umbrella FTW!

on 7/8/2013

The Last Crusade wins, but Ratatouille is great as well.

on 7/20/2013

I'll pick Ratatouille for now...Blew my mind a second viewing. I can't help but feel that Last Crusade is a little bit of a re-hash of Raiders and for that, its my least favorite of the original trilogy. I enjoy TOD more of its uniqueness and Raiders for its legendariness...Ratatouille is one of Pixar's finest.

on 10/19/2013

Indy, Ratatouille is one of Pixar's best but Last Crusade has suddenly become a top 10 film. It's awesome!