BlacKkKlansman vs. The Favourite



on 2/10/2019

That's fun because BlacKkKlansman really got me excited for its plot, while The Favourite didn't. The complete opposite happened in the end. Those ladies from The Favourite fascinated me. BlacKkKlansman felt like something was off and while it was a nice plot, I still wasn't caring all that much for either Stallworth nor Flip. Washington gave a brilliant performance, and Adam Driver would be my front runner for supporting actor had Mahershala Ali chose to not be in Green Book. But Emma Stone and Olivia Colman are overrulers here. Almost perfect acting in every way. The Favourite is also prettier and more entertaining so it's knocking BlacKkKlansman out of the park by a wide margin, you listen to me. BlacKkKlansman had a superior soundtrack, I'll give you that.


on 2/22/2019

Two great films that deserve the acclaim but the acting and script tilt me towards the Favourite.