Reservoir Dogs vs. Gladiator



on 6/28/2010

Words cannot describe how much Gladiator bored me.


on 6/28/2010

These were both really good films and it's a hard choice but I lean towards the epic Gladiator.

on 6/28/2010

Reservoir Dogs, they are both awesome, but Reservoir dogs is the one I prefer.

on 6/26/2011

Watched Reservoir Dogs twice yesterday. I am addicted to that movie.

on 2/19/2012

Without a doubt Reservoir Dogs is better.

on 7/17/2012

Dogs is an intense crime thriller. Its biggest strength is its hard-hitting attitude. It proves that production design and scale don't count for shit if you have a fabulous script and a reliable cast. Less is more.

on 9/7/2012

Whoa, I wouldn't have figured this matchup would be so lopsided (so far, anyway). I'll throw a vote Gladiator's way.

on 9/7/2012

Gladiator smashes Dogs...

on 9/8/2012

Gladiator is definitely more to my tastes. Just a really cool movie. With a number of memorable lines from Crowe.

on 1/2/2013

Reservoir dogs by far

on 1/2/2013

Dogs for me as well.

on 8/29/2013

Reservoir Dogs is way better.

on 1/26/2019

People would actually pick Gladiator? Strange.