Reservoir Dogs vs. The Killing



on 11/8/2012

Niice. Kubrick or Tarantino, one inspiring the other. Both of these movies were more or less of the same. I liked the way that the build-up was in more detail in The Killing than in Reservoir Dogs and I think that the racetrack robbery was a little more original than a diamond store. But on the other hand, the characters are greater in 'Dogs' than in The Killing. Let me hang back for a bit and think about this.

on 11/8/2012

The Killing would be my pick.

on 11/8/2012

Oh, that's easy. Tarantino had obviously seen The Killing once or twice before he did Reservoir Dogs, but I think he made the better movie. The heist scene was well-done, but I don't think it can touch Dogs' snappy dialogue or the characters or the suits or the music. Not even close.

on 1/6/2013

This is irconic

on 10/4/2013

Just watched The Killing and it was great, but Dogs is one of my favorites.

on 7/22/2015

Without the narration, the Killing would've been one of Kubrick's best films. But even with it, it triumphs reservoir dogs.

on 9/18/2016

Both films play out with style and class, I just appreciate Reservoir Dogs' just a LITTLE bit more.