Apocalypse Now vs. Aguirre: The Wrath of God



on 2/18/2010

A couple of journeys into madness. Apocalypse Now is more exciting at its best, but more muddled and ponderous at its worst, than Aguirre. I've seen Apocalypse Now many times, and I don't really feel the need to see it again. Aguirre hasn't yet overstayed its welcome.

on 11/15/2014

Great movies, great trip... I'll go with apocalypse, it marked me the most.

on 8/15/2017

Apocalypse Now

on 12/4/2017

both are great, but herzog's earlier film is much more convincing and resonant to me

on 1/6/2018

Two trips down perilous rivers of madness. Two vastly different film budgets and two film-making nightmares. Yet, two incredible movies. I really can't choose, regardless of what my vote may indicate.

on 1/22/2019

Both films examine the mental toll arduous military expeditions take on their participants. Both set in very different eras, but feel thematically connected in a way.