Rope vs. North by Northwest



on 9/7/2010

Two Hitchcock classics! I like both, but North by Northwest is much better!

on 9/7/2010

While both are good, I think that Rope is one of the top twenty films I've ever seen.

on 9/7/2010

Both are among Hitch's best movies. I slightly prefer Rope because of Jimmy Stewart and the intensity.

on 6/10/2012

Like others, I consider Rope to be a failed experiment in filmmaking; the movie simply doesn't work very well. North by Northwest, though overlong, is a more enjoyable film to watch.

on 7/20/2013

Love em both, NBN wins.

on 9/24/2013

Tough, tough choice. North by Northwest is certainly the bigger budgeted motion picture and higher rated, but there's something about Rope that's purely unique. It's long takes and the way Hitchcock uses people and objects to darken the camera so that he could continue running a pseudo longshot film. Genius if you ask me. I'm picking Rope for now as I think it's Hitchcock's most underrated film.

on 10/20/2013

I'm going with "North by Northwest", but it is fairly close.

on 4/25/2015

Oh, I thought Rope was actually a quite successful experimental film. So much so that I'm picking it over North by Northwest, which is just too long.