A Bug's Life vs. The Lion King



on 12/18/2013

euuuuggh... nothing worse than having to choose between two kinds of ehh examples of things I love. In this case, I'll take the iffy Disney film over the iffy Pixar film.

on 5/20/2014

Lion King

on 5/20/2014

Lion King

on 10/9/2015

Bug's Life

on 10/18/2015

Seven Samurai beats Hamlet.

on 12/24/2015

Lion King easily

on 4/24/2016

A Bug's Life. No contest. My favorite animated movie vs my least favorite.

on 9/25/2016

hmmm.... LK

on 7/18/2017

As much as I want to love A Bug's Life and as much as I want go hate Lion King, Lion King still comes out on top. However, LK is highly overrated and Bug's Life is highly underrated. I like them both quite similarly, actually, but Bug's Life ending ruined it with its cringiness to be honest,

on 10/26/2018

The reason I'm picking The Lion King is because there are some characters in A Bug's Life that are completely annoying to me *cough*caterpillar*cough*. I fell in love with every character in The Lion King.