Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday vs. Freddy Vs. Jason



on 1/13/2013

Jason Goes to Hell never really felt like a Jason movie to me. Never cared for it. But watching The Man Behind the Mask beat the shit out of Freddy Krueger? Nah, I don't mind at all. The rest of the movie could have used a little more imagination, but I ain't hatin'.

on 1/13/2013

I wasn't fond of Jason as an intestinal worm either. Freddy Vs. Jason was mediocre at best, but was still entertaining. Jason Goes To Hell did have a cool Freddy reference at the end of it too. Jason X makes both of these look masterpieces.

on 1/13/2013

I'd actually choose Jason X over Final Friday. It's SO bad that it's probably more entertaining than 9 is.

on 1/13/2013

Freddy V. Jason is one of the great guilty pleasures...IX doesn't compete...

on 10/6/2013

I actually like Jason Goes to Hell more than most pe--I actually like Jason Goes to Hell. Yeah, it sucks as a Friday the 13th film, but as a Jason Bodysnatching Supernatural Worm Monster flick, it's not that bad. Freddy vs. Jason is more entertaining, though.

on 11/10/2013

Freddy vs Jason wins! Both are really fun though.

on 3/3/2014

I liked both but Ill take zombie Jason over worm Jason. Has anyone ever seen "The Hidden" also from New Line Cinema? Its most likely where they got the idea for worm Jason. Its a really cool late 80's early 90's sci-fi movie.

on 4/17/2014

Freddy Vs. Jason wins but personally I do like Jason Goes to Hell

on 3/15/2015

2 Freddy and Jason's films! Freddy Vs. Jason wins, but Jason Goes to Hell have the best end