CQ vs. Marie Antoinette



on 12/9/2010

Coppola Kid Showdown! CQ is an interesting relatively obscure film and Marie Antoinette was a pretty big failure.

on 12/9/2010

I didn't dislike Marie Antoinette. I thought it was fairly entertaining for about 2/3 or so, and then my attention span started giving out. CQ, though, has been one of my high-level favorites for years. You know, when I think about it, CQ draws its influence from a number of 60s films while Marie Antoinette makes use of 80s New Wave music. Of course, CQ is actually set in the 60s, so it makes sense. Marie Antoinette is set in the 18th century. I think the only part of the movie that I actually agreed with using 80s music was during the opening credits, with that Gang of Four song. After that, not so much. In short, CQ is much better, but Marie Antoinette isn't bad.