Octopussy vs. Moonraker



on 9/30/2010

Oh Roger, you certainly were your own Bond. Both of these are just absurd, but isnt that why we like old Bond movies? Moonraker wins because it has Jaws.

on 9/30/2010

Moonraker... the bond for the Star Wars generation... Such a shame that it sucked in all aspects, even redeeming Jaws at the end. No, I'd much rather get involved in the travelling circus.

on 9/30/2010

I love them both, but Moonraker has Jaws and the more memorable scenes.

on 3/24/2013

Octopussy starts out phenomenal, but after the first half hour it becomes somewhat of a bore, really. Still, it's alright. Moonraker is sooo boring, and whenever it isn't boring, it is painfully silly. And why did they castrate Jaws? Eugh.

on 3/24/2013

I have absolutely no problem going with the ridiculousness of Moonraker....

on 3/25/2013

I haven't seen either in years, but if my memory serves me correctly I'm going with Moonraker.

on 6/6/2013

The ONLY reason I prefer Moonraker is because of Jaws

on 8/7/2013

I guess my memory didn't serve me correctly.

on 3/19/2014

Well, neither is bad. The whole space battle sequence in 'Moonraker' still hurts. 'Octopussy' is a pretty fun romp; Moore dressed as a clown is forgiven...Although it does seem to be a bit symbolic of his later era. 'Pussy for the win.

on 4/9/2014

Roger Moore's Bonds oscillate wildly - these two are both more absurd, and share the cult theme. Octopussy wins only slightly, because Moonraker's third act is ridiculous, and that movie over all feels like it was made for children.

on 2/18/2015

MOONRAKER goes off the rails way before it even gets into space, though it's nice to see 007 actually do some semblance of detective work for a change. OCTOPUSSY's only real deficiency is that it's formulaic. Fun to see Q in the field, though!

on 1/18/2017

Moonraker's setpieces, Bond woman, and henchman love story easily make this a winner in a battle of two zany Moore films.

on 11/19/2017

OCTOPUSSY, hands down.