Why “Blade Runner 2049” Is Already At the Top of Some Flickcharts (And Whether It Should Be)

Douglas Van Hollen

Software engineer. Kravist. Oenophile. MSTie. Trekker. Coffee-drinker. Lush. Fur-father. Last of the V8 Interceptors. On permanent sabbatical in Winter River, CT. Still amazed that his wife Carey still lets him in the door every night.

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5 Responses

  1. Nick says:

    37 out of 1224 which I think is reasonable, as I was absolutely blown away by it, but a film really needs to hold up to multiple viewings to get into my top 20 (the original Blade Runner is at 3 so it’s clear I’m a fan). I’m seeing it again on the weekend so we’ll see if it moves.

  2. Don’t tell me what to like, Flickchart!

  3. Anonymous says:

    75 out of 1196 currently

  4. Anonymous says:

    #80 on mine out of 1200, I loved it, seen it 3x already. Might move up over time!

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