What the heck happened to Flickchart yesterday??

6 Aug

A lot of you out there trying to get to the site for some R&R (ranking and relaxation) yesterday were greeted instead with our maintenance page, which promised that we’d have the site back up shortly.

The problem turned out to be more serious than we initially thought — one of the hard drives on our database server had simply disappeared mid-process. Although the drive came back after a server reboot, the database was partially corrupted and inoperable.

We reverted to our most recent backup and could have gone live again after only an hour or two; but that would have meant the loss of about 3 hours of new users, rankings, comments, and so on. We know how frustrating it is to put all that work into your list and discussions and lose it all, so instead of rushing the site back online, we went to work trying to patch up the damage and port over the missing data.

Being a couple of working schmoes, the repairs could only begin in earnest after the day jobs were done, but we’ve been at it since then.

As of half an hour ago, Flickchart is back online with nearly all of the missing data and seems to be cranking along fine. We’ve definitely got a hardware issue going on, and we have several high-priority tickets filed with our hosting company to get it all taken care of. In the meantime, we’ll be working on our logging and backup procedures to handle situations like this better in the future.

Let us know if anything seems amiss, or if data seems wrong or missing. We’ll check it out.

So…although definitions of the word differ, a 9.5-hour timespan — from 3:20pm to 12:45am EDT — probably doesn’t qualify as “shortly.” We’re very sorry for the long downtime — one more bump in the road on the way to our public launch in September.

To all of our users, thanks as always for your patience and understanding.

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