Tom Hanks’s Adventures on Flickchart

11 Mar


We all have our demons. When a particularly tough match-up shows up, those nightmares manifest on Flickchart and haunt us until we finally muster up the courage to click. Some of us aren’t that lucky though. These are their stories.

Meet Tom Hanks.

53 years old, modestly handsome, and preposterously nice. What follows are the final two minutes of his Flickcharting life.

This looks pretty cool – a nice way to blow off some steam. Let’s give it a shot.

Oh no….

Flags of our Fathers vs. The Right Stuff? How the hell am I supposed to choose between these?

On one hand, I like astronauts – and this is one of the better astronaut movies - but it’s World War II! That’s tough to beat.

This is going to be tougher than pretending to be interested in doing another Zemeckis mo-cap movie when he asks.

I’ll just stare at them for a while…

What the…?

Not again. Please, no.

Damn you, Michael Ironside! Get out of my head! I know you thought you deserved Paxton’s role in Apollo 13, but come on? He was coming off Tombstone and True Lies. You were in Free Willy! Not a hard choice. Terrorizing my sub-conscious is not going to help you.

Michael, what are you doing? Please no. Sto…

This post is part of our User Showcase series. You can find Daniel as espin39 on Flickchart. If you’re interested to submit your own story or article describing your thoughts about movies and Flickchart, read our original post for how to become a guest writer here on the Flickchart Blog.

  • Derek Armstrong

    Uh …

  • Derek Armstrong

    And by “uh” I mean “yeah!”

  • The Movie Whore

    That was freakin’ awesome!